Yokosuka Revamped (V2 Release)

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Yokosuka Revamped (V2 Release)

Yokosuka Revamped V2: Yokosuka comes alive (again)

This is actually a mod I’ve had around for awhile, hidden in a consolidated thread. I’ve continuously worked with it & now due to the numerous amount of changes I’m releasing a V2 of my original. So what does this mod do? Well would you like a fancier ARP port? If the answer is yes then please proceed.

– Enhanced color correction
– Improved water simlulation
– A moving skydome
– Bloom
– Lowered sun
– Redone lighting
– Brighter Sun
– Lens flare & tweaked light shafts
– Smoke effects
– Falling sakura pedals
– New sun lighting
– Redworked fog
– Less noticeable horizon line
– Clear ocean, see the ship underside

NOTE: In your graphics settings turn post processing to a minimum of low to see color corrections, a very high setting
is required to see the sun effects.

File Size: Literally in the KBs, doesn’t exceed 1 MB.

Compatibility: Unless you use a ARP port mod then you can use this in conjunction with pretty much any other mod.

Installation: Reference the Readme in the download.

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What is this mod use for

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