USN “Blue Hull” (Ms22) Skins (from Closed Beta), De-Rusted and with Optional Hull Numb…

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USN “Blue Hull” (Ms22) Skins (from Closed Beta), De-Rusted and with Optional Hull Numb…

I’ve always been a bit of a warship nerd, and started playing this game for that reason. So I enjoy modding it to make it look (if not play) as historically accurate as possible. There’s a lot of great skins out there created by some very talented people, but many of the USN ones were of the dazzle camo variety, which pretty much lock the ship into being one specific member of the class. I really preferred to have Ms22, since it was broadly used and can represent many different ships. WG actually used this in closed beta, but changed to all-gray hulls when they added camo. Fortunately, a few months ago Red_Raven_168 uploaded all the old blue-hulled CBT skins. But damn, they’re so rusty!

I decided I’d to try to eliminate as much of the rust as I could, while still preserving the surrounding detail and “character” of the originals (because other than the rust, they look really, really nice). It’s time-consuming and often tedious, but I think the final result is worth it, and I figured I’d share ’em and hope someone else liked ’em and finds them useful, too. The dirt & grime and wear & tear is all still there, and even a little bit of rust in some places, but now they look like ships that’ve been in a war zone for 2 months, rather than ones that have sat ignored and unmaintained in a mothball fleet for 10 years.

Also included is a .PSD for each one that has all the hull numbers for the entire class, each on a separate layer. By default the hull is un-numbered, just like WG’s (see the Iowa pics above), but you can use the PSD to turn it into any ship in the class that you want (instructions on how to do that are in the second post in the thread)

(Measure 22 (Ms22) was a paint scheme used by the US Navy in WWII that featured Navy Blue (5-N) on the hull up to the lowest point of sheer, and Haze Gray (5-H) on all vertical services above that. All horizontal surfaces (including the turret tops, wooden decks, etc) were painted Deck Blue (20-B). Hull numbers were done in white on each side of the bow, small and without the drop-shadow you see from the 1950s up through the present-day. Sometimes the numbers were also added to the sides of the stern, but this was less common; more often they were just on the bow. The ship’s name was not painted on anywhere. This paint scheme was used at various times and in various locations, but was more or less standard for all ships serving on the “front lines” in the Pacific in late-1944 and 1945.)

Installation: Unzip the file, and copy and paste the “gameplay” folder to whatever’s the latest version number in WoWS’ res_mods subfolder (currently As with most other skin mods, you’ll want to find and use a mod that disables camouflage. There’s usually one in the latest version of Aslain’s pack.

The PSD raises the file size quite a bit, so I’ve separated each hull variant into its own zip file (~45 MB), to hopefully make downloading more convenient for those with slow internet.

New York – Hull B only. There is no Ms22 skin for Hull A. PSD has numbers for both the New York and Texas.

North Carolina – PSD has hull numbers for both the North Carolina and Washington.

Iowa – New turret texture that, besides removing the rust, also changes the color of the gun bucklers (“blast bags”) from tan (which the Iowas never had) to the correct black, as they should be (this change also affects the Montana). New bump map that tones down the rivet-and-plating effect on the midships area of the hull (since that drove me nuts). PSD for Hull A includes numbers for Iowa and New Jersey. Hull B has those 2 plus Missouri and Wisconsin. Hull C has those 4 plus (the never-completed) Illinois and Kentucky.

Montana – Includes the same turret texture fix as described above for Iowa, so obviously note that using this will change your Iowa turrets, as well. PSD includes hull numbers for all 5 (authorized) members of the class.

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  1. Erzengel2552 says:

    Thanks Alot =) i loved those blue hull desidns from CBT and im quite the warship nerd too^^ i was looking for someone that would include the hull numbers because i wanted my iowa to be, well Iowa 😀
    Thanks alot :3

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