USN “Blue Hull” (Ms22) Skins (from CBT), De-Rusted + Navy Blue Versions

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USN “Blue Hull” (Ms22) Skins (from CBT), De-Rusted + Navy Blue Versions

Updated Nov. 1, 2017 *
This project has undergone a couple of major changes since I first created this thread almost 2 years ago, but as of now includes skins for most mid- and high-tier USN (non-CV) ships in the Measure 22 (Ms22) paint scheme that was used by many ships in WWII. This features 5-N Navy Blue on the hull (up to the lowest point of sheer, then continuing fore and aft in a horizontal line), with 5-L Light Gray on the vertical surfaces above it, and 20-B Deck Blue on all horizontal surfaces. The hull number is painted on the bow (and, in some cases, the stern, as well) in small, unshaded white numerals. These skins use the number for the lead ship of the class, which corresponds with the name used by the game (61 for Iowa, 421 for Benson, etc.); pay no attention to the screenshot below showing a Fletcher with 793–the one in the download actually says 445.

Because I’ve made these by modifying the game’s original textures, the other major change I’ve made is to get rid of the vast majority of the rust that WG decided to cake them in. There is still some rust on there, because there’s no such thing as a rust-free ship (even if its brand-new), but they no longer look like they’ve just been pulled out of a 10-year stay in the mothball fleet (or a 6-month loan to the Russian Navy :Smile-_tongue: ).

Medium Quality vs. High Quality: When saving files in the *.DDS format used by the game, if I use BC3/DXT5 compression to reduce them to the size of the typical ship skin (~21 MB), I get some rather bad pixelization at times–especially in the dark areas. The only way to avoid that seems to be to save without compressing, which results in a file 4x larger and which might (or might not) impact your game performance depending on how good your PC is, and how many mods you’re using. I’m including both formats for each skin, and you can decide which works better for you.

(I’m also not bothering to include the old CBT “aqua-blue” versions anymore, for various reasons, but the biggest 2 being that they were inaccurate and, based on download numbers, not nearly as popular as the navy blue ones.)

Master Collection (all 25 skins collected in 1 file for easier downloading)

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