Tutorial to unpack WOWS files Version or later

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Tutorial to unpack WOWS files Version or later

First : sorry for my poor english, but i tried to make my best to be clear.

To create a mod for World of Warships, you must have access to the original game files. But since the version in a loading speed worries of the game, different game files were compiled and compacted in special archives: .pkg, which are stored in: C\ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_packages. It is therefore, in order to create a mod, first retrieve packages the files of interest.
Warning: it is absolutely necessary to achieve this for each new version of the game because you do not know if the developers have not changed or enriched the game files from the previous version.

Recover unpacking tools :
These tools, created and graciously supplied by Wargaming, are the 2 following:
wowsunpack.exe: Application command line unpacking tool (needs to be run from a command prompt).
wows_unpacker_gui.exe: the windows application to perform all unpacking operations without to bother typing command lines (GUI : Graphic User Interface). It requires to function, the previous main tool.

You can download both applications here:

Installing unpacking tools:
Once both apps downloaded, make a copy to save (for caution), and copy then in the main game directory: C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships

Utilisation :
Launch wows_unpacker_gui.exe. Here is its window :

First, click the button [Load contents] and application scans every package contained in the folder C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_packages, and draws a tree list in the left window of all the game files. You can expand this list by clicking on the small black arrows present at the nodes of the tree, to explore all the contents:

In this tree, find the files you want.
In this tutorial I will select in the tree in the left window the 2 files I need for my mod, and who are, in this case, the res \ gui \ flash folder, and pass them in the right window, showing the list of files to extract, clicking for each of them on the [>>] button :

Once unpacked the files indicated, we launch the extraction / decompression by clicking the [Unpack] button.
The extracted files are then in the C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_unpack as indicated by the mention in the top right “Output Directory” (you can change output directory but I do not recommend you to simplify your life).

Installation of your mod :
Warning: you have not to recompile the original .pkg: You must install your modified files directly to the directory for this purpose: res_mods, recreating the essential source tree.

Example :
Both files I need for my mod packages are stored in the following locations:

We must therefore respect these paths to install these files. You will be helped in this because when you unzip files, the extraction of output folder (C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships \ res_unpack) contains the original tree where your archived files have been extracted.

Using wowsunpack.exe in command line mode :
If you are a fan of the command line, you can also perform the same operations by launching a command prompt by clicking the windows designed to start applications, and then typing cmd and [Enter] :

Select cmd.exe to launch it and a Command Prompt window appears:
In it, navigate to the appropriate directory by typing:

cd C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships then [enter]

To type the desired commands use the following informations (available on the forum) : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/49179-mods-in-wows-055.
Note that if no results is visible in Windows Explorer, it means that the paths of the files to extract specified in your command are wrong.

Conclusion :
This process may seem complicated at first, but it is not actually. The only difference with how to proceed to create a mod with versions prior to is that you must first unzip the files (preferably with the windows GUI tool) you need. But once this is done, the procedure is exactly the same to create your mod and install it.

If you have questions about this tutorial, do not hesitate to contact me. But thank you not to contact me to ask me technical information about the game in order to achieve a particular mod (I am a beginner).

Good mods!
=== Tutorial made by BlueMan – Version 1 – Avril, 29, 2016. ===

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