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Touhou Commander Portrait Mod []

So for a little while now I had reawakened an old version of this mod that had never been updated in Hakabase’s mod pack. I eventually replaced the vast majority of images so as to not contain repeats (besides the smaller nations with few commanders) as well as to keep the art style relatively consistent. I provide Hakabase with the updated versions, but if anyone wants to implement mods the old fashioned way I’ll provide it here as well.

Now as an aside, commander mods generally don’t need to be updated for every single patch as long as the file structure stays the same. The only real reason I’ll need to update is when Wargaming adds new commander portraits.

Further, you can customize these mods if you don’t mind renaming files. Want a particular portrait for a particular commander? Just go and swap the file names between the old portrait and the one you want. Do note that it will change that portrait for all commanders that use it, so you’ll still have clones. You can find the portraits on this file path: World of Warships/res_mods/*game version*/gui/crew_commander/base/*country*

Anyways, here’s the mod. Just extract the .zip file to your World of Warships/res_mods/*game version* folder.

I also recommend to add a female commander name mod such as garfield001’s (check this forum’s pinned thread), although those do need to be updated more often than the portraits.

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