Semi-Historic USS Ranger CV-4 skin

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Semi-Historic USS Ranger CV-4 skin

Since i unlocked the Ranger yesterday i decided to make her a beauty! Hope you will like it. This skin contains:

Rust free!
New colour of the entire vessel (same as Arizona’s perma camo)
Hull number on deck and island (Historically inaccurate)
Name on the aft of vessel (Historically accurate)
Camouflage.xml file to make all of ranger’s camo invisible, but dont worry the bonuses of selected camo will be active.

(just click on ranger_no_rust.rar to download and extract to /res_mods/current_patch_number/
P.S. I know that some “boxes” on the tower are not painted, this is due the fact that these thing were not in the files and it’s impossible for me to track them down.

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  1. WarshipRagnarok says:

    Noticed this is only for the Elite Hull I’m wondering if you could reupload this with the the stock hull as well.

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