The Seeker’s Extended Tech Tree & Region Changer []

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The Seeker’s Extended Tech Tree & Region Changer []

The two threads spoilered below are now depreciated, this is the current thread, for versions [] and beyond.

Does everything it used to – allows you to see but not purchase all of the ships in-game, including unreleased and unavailable ones.
Added a bunch of new ships since the last version, more than twenty – including German BBs and RN CLs
Rids the client of the hideous “SOON” flag and stat obfuscation
WG keeps finding inventive ways to make it hard for me to maintain this mod, kek

Allows one to switch between all four server clusters
Does not work if the client and cluster you’re connecting to are on different builds, which usually occurs when one server gets a patch after another.

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What is this mod use for

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1 Response

  1. RadioactiveTwinkie says:

    Is there any way to get a smaller version? When I install this all the tech tree icons are huge and some go off the screen not to mention I can’t see every nation, from Germany down are all below the screen so I can not see them which is annoying.

    I normally use Atmaxx’s xtended tech tree but I love how yours doesn’t have the “soon” icon everywhere. I prefer yours would just like a smaller version with all the ships. You are also missing the Belfast and the Perth

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