RS kancolle VoicePack (

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RS kancolle VoicePack (

After testing , this mod works both NA & Asia server. (January 9 , 2016)
Me(RPH) and SAICO made this , hope you guys like it.

If you want keep “Poi torp sound”, please use the v051X-2 WOWS_UI.bnk file. But may cause some unknown effect in v0.5.2.1. ( Thanks Horadrimus testing.)

1. Copy “audio folder” from res , and paste it into res_mods.
2. Use voice pack files overwrite.
3. Adjust “voice volume” louder in the game.
*After this edition , I only put “High” folder inside, if you’re using low sound quality setting, please make sure replace the folder name to “Low” from download files.

If anyone wanna take this to your own modpack and realease it , no problem.
Just indicate the original source.

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What is this mod use for

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  1. Nughi says:

    Vroh folder audio ini masuk ke folder res_mod dan apa masuk lagi ke folder 0.5.3 atau enggak ?

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