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[PORTS] Master Port Collection WOWS

The Master Port Collection:

See The World

NOTE: DarthDoge will be taking over the mod for awhile as I won’t be around due to work. (Also on vacation, see you next year)
After a long time in development hell we are delighted to present a major collaboration between GoldPile & DarthDoge in our newest mod package: The Master Port Collection!

This is a multi-packaged port mod utilizing our latest techniques devised for the new custom port functions introduced in With the release of this new feature there are limitations with the way Wargaming designed the modding method of custom ports so normally individual custom ports are not cross compatible due to overriding the list with each addition. However with this mod that problem is eliminated as we have consolidated many various ports into 1 simple mod.

To other modders:

If you have your own port mod would like to be included in the Master Port Collection we are happy to add you! Simply drop us your port details & a download link to your port so we can add it in. As a bonus I will even provide optimizations & we will take GUI ready placeholders for your port.


I lost count of how many ports are in here, around 43+.
Simple to navigate user interface within the game, switch ports freely within the client itself without the need to do file switches
Easy drag & drop installation into res_mods
Various optimizations and size reductions (more on this below)
Arpeggio enabled default ports & access to Hawaii
Multitude of ports brought back from the dead
User created ports
Massively reduced download size & install sizes to save space on SSDs & lower the time needed to download the mod
Certain adaptable map & dock ports that updates along with the client

Custom User Ports:

From GoldPile –

Lights of New York
Jacuzzi Resurgence
New York Independence Day
New York Memorial Day
Storm On The Ocean
Yokosuka Daybreak Link
Black Sea AnniversaryLink

From DarthDoge –

Chinese Dragon
From Hakabase –
The Moon
From Blackpredators –
Night Dragon

Other Major Mod Inclusions:

Custom Port Optimizations-

Certain ports have undergone an extensive optimization process to reduce file counts & installation sizes in order to improve HDD read speed & SSD storage usage. As another bonus the download size is heavily downsized so you don’t need to wait forever for it to download. Install requirements have been cut down up to 80% & the packaged archive further shrinks it. This is a continually evolving feature that can be further done depending on any new techniques learned & tested.

Ports optimized:

Lights of New York
Jacuzzi Resurgence
New York Independence Day
New York Memorial Day
Storm On The Ocean
Yokosuka Daybreak
Black Sea Anniversary

Vibrant Loading Backgrounds Resized Edition –

Images used when loading maps are brightened to their pre levels and resized to save space (as of writing reduces the size of around 40% off the entire package) while images load significantly faster when bringing up the port selection GUI.

Enhanced GUI Screens –

Ports have been named & distinguished individually from each other so you can know what you’re picking at a quick glance.

Improved Solar Panels –

Brings the solar panels in the Yokosuka port back to their more reflective versions before the update removed the reflective properties, this mod can be seen active in the regular Yokosuka port.

Moving Clouds –

Certain ports with static clouds now have movement.

Chinese Dragon
New York Independence Day
New York Memorial Day
Lights of New York
Black Sea Anniversary

Installation Instructions: Now comes with an installer + uninstaller, no more painful uninstalls.

NOTE: Standard maps take longer to load than ports due to needing to load the whole map.

-=Current Version: V1.5.2 | Game Version: =-

I am done seeing people taking all the credit for a mod they didn’t create & wasting my time & the community’s time. I will now be placing a list of offending links plagiarizing this mod (exceptions may apply, for further inquires please see me or Darth). Please let us know if you find anything that brings up red flags, thank you!

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