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Pigeon Kickers Mod World

Go to my forums link and get the newest update. No funny crazola. just a nice clean Mod Pak.
1) reticle #3
2) Custom Mini-Map letter size (mine, sized down to 8 from 10, it was to big ya know)
3) Tracers (mine)
4) Battle Clock and Damage tickers (Again, TY)
5) max information ‘ALT’ view
6) The cool Binoc Zoom thingey 🙂
7) Round ‘Gun Markers’
8) Custom Flag set, including ‘Rising Sun’ Japanese flag to keep with history
9) Training room

Just extract to your MAIN world of warships folder.
Pigeon-Pak-0-4-1-0-FINAL self installer location–> http://uploadas.com/8w21rgdb12vs/Pigeon-Pak-
Custom Flag Pak with the ‘Rising Sun’ –> http://uploadas.com/ubyn5o92vb9m/Pigeon-Pak-Custom-Flags-with-rising-sun.rar.html
Just do the same as my main mod pak, extract to your MAIN world of warships folder.
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As is with World of Warplanes
I have begun building a Pigeon Pak for World of Warships. I do not build selection based installers, to much going on.
I build a nice basic mod Pak. Camera and everything included.
Here is my Collection so far, not to much yet. BUT, this will change very soon.
WoWs Mod Collection –> http://uploadas.com/qrseohbc7scw/World_of_WarShips_Mods.zip.html
WoWp Mod collection –> http://uploadas.com/m5m9qy34hwb4/World_of_WarPlanes_Mods.zip.html
If you wish to start trying to write your own Modifications for this game i have a very extensive collection of software to do it.

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