New Mexico-class battleship – USS Idaho (BB-42) 1941

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New Mexico-class battleship – USS Idaho (BB-42) 1941

Thought someone might be interested in this… the New Mexico-class battleship painted up to look like the USS Idaho (BB-42) in 1941 during one of her many Neutrality Patrols in the Atlantic reaching all the way up to Iceland. Shortly after Pearl Harbor she was reassigned to the Pacific theatre where she got a refit and various modifications that change her appearance from what she looks like in WoWs.

The skin is based on Wargaming’s Measure 22 camouflage from Beta (or Alpha?), which I painstakingly de-rusted. I also changed the colours used because they didn’t match up at all to the ones specified in the USN Measures list. She also got a new and correct plane, the Vought OS2U Kingfisher. However, the plane model/textures belong to the North Carolina, so the plane has matching name on it. The game is designed in such a way that it will only use one plane texture per model, so if you change it on the USS Idaho it will change everywhere. I chose this plane because it’s got the correct colour from what I could tell in the reference pictures.


Extract and put the archive’s contents into your “res_mods” folder inside of your main WoWs installation folder. Inside the “res_mods” folder you’ll have several game version folders (ex., etc. etc.). At time of posting this the current game version is; as WG will be updating their game frequently they’ll add new folders with the updated game version. Just move ship’s files from the old version folder to the new one and if they haven’t modified the ship, the skin for the New Mexico should be alright.

​Noticed my ship had one too many portholes on the bow… I removed them according to pictures (as close as possible). Not going to change the screenies… too lazy… if you’ll re-download the ship you’ll have the updated version.

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