New Guide on Removing Seagal & ARP Voices (Post – (Now with Arpeggio Fix)

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New Guide on Removing Seagal & ARP Voices (Post – (Now with Arpeggio Fix)

I’ve finally done it! That’s right, a simple mod free way of getting both Seagal & all Arpeggio voices in 1 swoop. Unfortunately this method will remove both of them no exceptions, they will revert back to standard voices like before.

The concept is similar, fortunately the custom voices are squared away in a different package file from the main language files.

1. Navigate to your WOWS install directory, the default directory is generally C:/Games/World_Of_Warships for Windows users, and locate the folder res_packages.

2. Go inside that folder and create backup folder either inside res_packages or anywhere else on your computer that you can access the files we’re about to move when you want to revert changes (create a empty backup folder essentially).

3. Move the files: sound_mods_official.idx & sound_mods_official_0001.pkg into the backup folder you created previously. If you have view file extensions disabled they should look like sound_mods_official & sound_mods_official_0001 instead. Please note that you must move both files out of res_packages or World of Warships will crash on startup.

4. You’re done! Seagal & Arpeggio voices are now disabled in-game.

New – Arpeggio Voice Enabler with Kirishima Fix
I’ve created a mod that re-enables all Arpeggio voices to their assigned captains after the previous files have been deleted. This mod also includes the Kirishima voiceover fix so you hear the correct captain voices while playing the Kirishima captain.

Note: This is an unconventional installation that goes into res, please consult the Readme for full information. Do not install this mod until the guide has been completed.

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