[MOD]KanColle Individual Kanmusu voice mod( Wows

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[MOD]KanColle Individual Kanmusu voice mod( Wows

hello people of WG NA forums, I’m from the Asia servers(where teamwork doesn’t exist)

so what is this mod?
this is a KanColle VO mod for WoWS, currently there are 4 voice options as a pack in a simple installer.

here’s a video showcasing the mod itself(WoWS

so why did you made this?

last month, I made a simple voice mod using Hatsuzuki’s voices for my only use, however, my friends first heard of this,
they wanted me to create more voice mods for other kanmusus, and it’s an idea no one even tried yet(they said), I said no at first,
cuz it’s a waste of time and no one is interested.
However, they convinced me to at least make video about it, if lots of people want me also do a mod project on this,
then I’ll do it. Then so in the end, lots of people wanted it, regardless if it’s not perfect, but at least it’s there.

is this mod good?

that is up to you, for me it’s not good as those official VO mods, my friends and my clanmates who tested the mod beforehand said
it was good, however, I never usually take their feedback into account, especially they already trust me. Maybe it’s just them to encourage
me to continue the release of this mod, but still, I want raw feedback from people outside my social circle.

are you going to continue on this project?

for now, I need to take a short break from this(especially from reworking my mods to WoWS After that, if there’s people who are
interested wanted me making more voice mods from other kanmusus. Other than that, the current VO mods I’ll be trying to improve them over the course of time.

How to use?

under Voiceover modifications, at the Audio section of the options menu.
(note:currently no CV voices, instead it will use your national or standard voices)

find VO_Uninstal to your WoWS directory to uninstall the mod.

you can reply to this post, suggest which kanmusu’s(ship girl’s) voice to be modded. after that, I’ll make a poll(maybe within the next few days or a week, depends how many suggestions gathered) which kanmusu’s voice I’ll be modding next as priority in the next Wave(voicepack).

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What is this mod use for

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5 Responses

  1. Yuudachi says:

    The voices are awesome, tho wish they would be louder.

  2. Deth says:

    ~ THANK YOU!

    ~ FINALLY! ~ a VM (Voice Mod) that actually works. ~ as well as a link that actually works too! – so a complete WIN!
    ~ will follow this mod to see any future updates to it.

    ~ Keep up with the fantastic work!

  3. Emperor Of Mankind says:

    PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS Could you add Musashi sounds? I would be so grateful ıf you do it 🙁

  4. vexonica says:

    how to make the voice over.. ?? teach me please senpa. .>!!

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