[MOD] Always On Weather ( Wows

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[MOD] Always On Weather ( Wows

Man these new weather effects are great, I can’t wait to… oh wait where did they go?
No longer will you be asking that question, as this mod will make you experience weather all the time! Yes you heard me, weather in battle throughout the whole match.

– Enabled weather on most maps
– Enabled weather sounds
– Lightweight installation & size
– Weather! (Did I already say that?)

Current Maps Excluded (May be added in at a future date):
– North (You already have cyclones)
– Northern Lights
– Conquest
– Naval Mission

Note: This is a client side mod & only you will see the weather, other people in your match will still see the default visuals unless they happen to also be running this mod. Render distances will remain the same but ships farther out may become clouded due to higher levels of fog, so in a sense this mod gives you a challenge.

Due to suggestions I’ll have fog free & reduced versions out at a later date when I have time.

Updates: v1.1 – Removed weather sound effects, restoring default music playback.

Random Personal Notes: Weather really screws up my sense of detection range. Yes I know the detection ranges of pretty much every ship in the game & I can gauge detection without situation awareness, but it’s just something about weather that makes me think ships will be spotted closer than they otherwise would be, it will go away eventually.

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What is this mod use for

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