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Master Port Collection (

The old thread became really messy & was a pain to manage, so I’m making a new clean thread. If you’re new to this mod, basically it’s a collection of ports either user created or preserved (to the best of my ability) from removed ports. The mod is quite painless to install, while complex underneath, installation is easy with a simple drag and drop into your mods folder. This mod does not replace ports, instead it adds more to your port selection menu.

Dunkirk makes a return, fully working for Most assets still exist on the client & have not been moved into mod form. I’m releasing this early because it works, in the future when Wargaming (eventually) decides to remove these assets I’ll have to migrate everything. Part of the assets have already been migrated however backing up everything is a large time sink so I will periodically roll out new updates until everything is moved.
Sounds unfortunately don’t make a return as Wargaming never gave a way for modders to run custom port sounds & music. Same with all special effects, pray WG doesn’t remove those either. The container ship is a pain to move so I’ll move it into the correct place another time maybe, I do quite like the flyby.

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