Marvel Superheroes USN Tech Tree Icons (BBs, CA/CLs, and CVs)

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Marvel Superheroes USN Tech Tree Icons (BBs, CA/CLs, and CVs)

I was talking with a fellow player about superheroes for some reason. Decided to make a quick mod for fun 😀
Added Marvel Superheroes to most USN tech tree ship icons.

Future Ideas
-Might add some other heroes to other nations. Maybe will mod IJN with Marvel sharks and octopuss Supervillains.
-Install like any other mod. I.e. Copy files to {game_dir}\res_mods\0.4.x
Credit and Acknowledgements
-I do not claim credit for any of the superhero images, most credits belong to Marvel/Disney with a few exceptions. Credit should be given to them.
-Thanks to wikran for the idea and suggestions for which hero to pick for some ships (Atlanta, etc).

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What is this mod use for

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