Kancolle MAD – KanColle X Gate OP – Gate

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Kancolle MAD – KanColle X Gate OP – Gate

Utilizes the Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There! opening audio by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets

Hi everyone. I’m Syanda. I usually play on the Asia server and am active on the forums over there (and /u/syanda on the WoWS subreddit). I’ve been making a bunch of KanColle login video mods, and I’m crossposting them over here to share them with the NA community. All the login video mods feature audio that will play over the default login music (which is virtually inaudible).

There’s a known issue – if you disconnect or log out from the port screen to the login page, it’ll play the default login music instead of the modded music (and will play the modded music if you alt-tab to desktop). I’m unsure of how to solve this at the moment.

Many thanks to MajorRenegade’s thread for helping me to figure out the audio issues. Was going by trial and error prior to that thread.

Comes in these varieties, pick your poison.

Creditless, as high quality as I could make it. Contains both video and audio.

Warning: Mods may cause user to spend several minutes staring at the pretty, pretty login video. Affected persons are not entitled to reclaim lost premium time from me if this happens. Use at own risk.

All credit for videos go to their original creators – I simply converted them to the .usm format for use in-game.

Installation Instructions
Dump the files into res_mods. The path should read \res_mods\\gui\video\login.usm

Once the files are in res_mods, edit your paths.xml (found in the game folder) so that it reads the following:
Kantai Collection TV Anime OP - Miiro

Whenever the game updates, just drag the mod files to the new folder in res_mods and update paths.xml with the correct patch version.

I’ll keep this post updated as I find more interesting videos.

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