[0.5.0.x] Invisible camouflage

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[0.5.0.x] Invisible camouflage

Hello there!
Sometimes, for various reasons, ship’s camouflage needs to be hidden.
However, if you simply make camo’s *.DDS file transparent, there’s still some “haze” left:


But there is a solution – to manually modify camouflages.xml file.
It’s relatively simple, but if you don’t want to bother or have no time, here you go:


Put camouflages.xml into …\World_of_Warships\res_mods\X.X.X.X (current version of the game client)
If this somehow doesn’t work, try to add this paths.xml (ver. to …\World_of_Warships

X temporary are hidden V unique are visible
Camos that you buy with credits are hidden. Unique camos (like Atago’s one) stay visible.

Note: Unfortunately, with unique ships it’s impossible to make so that when you use a temporary camo it stays hidden while ship’s “unique” one shows instead. It can only be like that: if you don’t use camo – you see the “unique” one. If you use temporary camo – you see no camo at all.
When a game client version with new ships comes out this file will become outdated.
Then you have to take the new camouflages.xml and cut temporary camos out of it. Otherwise new unique ships’ camos will stay hidden.

V temporary are visible X unique are hidden
Camos that you buy with credits stay visible. Unique camos (like Atago’s one) are hidden.
When a game client version with new nations comes out this file will become outdated.
Then you have to take the new camouflages.xml and cut unique camos out of it. Otherwise new nations’ camos will stay hidden.

X all camos are hidden
All of them – both temporary and unique.
When a new game client version comes out you can simply copy this camouflages.xml to the new …\res_mods\X.X.X.X folder.

But doubtfully those files will fit everyone.
For example, some people need to hide camos only for certain ships (e.g. for custom skins installation). Or to hide some specific type of camouflage (like IJN green stripes).
In this case, here is the instructions:

HOW TO EDIT camouflages.xml MANUALLY

Go to …\World_of_Warships\res
Find camouflages.xml
Copy it to …\World_of_Warships\res_mods\X.X.X.X (doing so we keep the original file intact)
Open …\World_of_Warships\res_mods\camouflages.xml with Notepad (better with Notepad++ it’s far more convinient)

Commentaries in this file are in russian, but don’t bother with translation, it’ll be pretty obvious where’s what.
Here’s how you define sections:


Then you see nations’ camo sections




Right, you got the gist of it.


If you need to hide a certain type of camo:

Select all the lines of respective section


If you need to hide camo for a spesific ship:

Ctrl+F “ship’s name”
Remove that name from the line (doesn’t matter with or withour numbers)

Then “Find Next”
Remove ship’s name from all the sections, which camo you want to hide.

If you need to hide “unique” camo for a specific ship:

Ctrl+F “ship’s name”
Make sure you are in the “Unique camo” cestion
Remove ship’s name from the line

Note: If simply modifying files somehow doesn’t work – try to add this paths.xml (ver. to your main game folder:

Those settings – which camo to show and which to hide – can be pretty variable. Give it a go!
In case someone screws up badly with their camouflages.xml file, here is the original one for version:

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