How to create your own skins

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How to create your own skins

It’s not easy if you do not have experience working with pixels and layers.
But I will try to make it really simple to help anyone get right into it.
We will start by choosing a ship.

The USS Sampson (DD-63) is the ship of choice for this example.

First step on our journey is locating the texture files used to paint the Sampson in game.
We will open the World_Of_Warships folder and continue deep into the directories.
Make your way to the TEXTURES folder.


Location of the default textures successful.
Notice there are 5 files with the Sampson name.


We will be skipping some really advanced stuff which will exclude 4 of the files.
All that is needed is in the file.
Make a copy of the to your desktop.

Install and run DDS Converter.

How to create your own skins (2)

Convert the DDS file to a BMP.

Install and run GNU Image Manipulation Program.
Open the BMP with the GIMP.

How to create your own skins (3)

We could get into more advanced graphic techniques and separate the ship components into layers.
But let’s keep it simple as intended.

We are going to add a basic decal to the hull.
For this I found a HD transparent PNG image of a bumblebee.
Save Bob the bee to your desktop.
Drag and drop the bumblebee image into the GIMP Layers window and move it to the top.
With that same “bee” layer still highlighted.
Select on the main menu the following:
Layer -> Scale Layer…
Change it to 50% and scale.

Lets move Bob closer to the front of the ship.
On the Toolbox window select the Move Tool (4 arrows point out icon).
Grab the bee and move him into place.

We could blend him in using the Mode options for the layer (look for Mode: Normal drop down menu on the Layers window).
But we will keep it simple and continue.

Right click on the Layers window and select Flatten Image at the bottom.
Go to File on the main menu and select overwrite ASD002_Sampson_1917_a.bmp.

Install and open Easy2Convert BMP to DDS.
Convert the BMP back into the DDS.

How to create your own skins (4)

Add the new DDS to your res_mods folder in the correct place and tada!

How to create your own skins (1)

If you get a black ship then you need to open a FRESH bmp from the original DDS with GIMP.
Copy the flattened skin you created and paste as new layer over the FRESH bmp.
Flatten Image and OVERWRITE.
The format settings and variables are kept in check so the game doesn’t get confused reading it.

If you have a word or image that is upside down or backwards you will have to reverse the effect in GIMP by Layer -> Transform options.

If you have any other problems reply.

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