Halloween-Pack 2015 for WOWS

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Halloween-Pack 2015 for WOWS

I see zombies, witches, rats, spiders, skeletons, demons and WG Leaders ….
We should prepare ourselves for a dangerous battle!

To allow you a little Halloween mood in WoW’s, I have created here a Halloween Mod.
Please checked in advance whether a mod in fact is incompatibel to your installed mods …
(if they use the same .swf file, for example).

– changed DMG-Pictures
– Halloween 6.Sence (Plane & Ship)
– Halloween-Login-Screen
– Halloween-National-Flags
– changed Login-Icons
– Extended Tech-Tree by atmaxx/The Seeker
– 2-row Ship Carussel “Kompass” by atmaxx
– Trainingroom enabler by atmaxx
– new HD Halloween Backgrounds
– Halloween Party announcer-BG

– bg_lib.swf
– consumer_main_scene.swf
– consumer_main_scene_low.swf (without the fking Aim-assist!)
– dock.swf
– gameloading.swf
– hud_lib.swf
– lobby_graphics_lib.swf
– login.swf
– service_lib.swf
– shipstree.xml
– dock.xml
– flags.dds

The copyright of the modpack remains exclusively by me, and atmaxx/The Seeker and its mods.
A use in modpacks is allowed for Aslain Mod Pack, or atmaxx / OM.
Report if other use it Please, and ask first before using it.

Pictures are into the Pack & at the Home-DL Page

Have fun with it
Thanks for dl & using it

SchrottiGER aka Fleshwound (Modder & Supertester)

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What is this mod use for

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