Flags Redone for WOWS 0.5.12.X

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Flags Redone for WOWS 0.5.12.X

Making your game the most historically accurate. Introducing the Flags Redone mod which got revived form the deaths.

WoWs Version 0.5.12.X

What is this mod about?

A very long time tried a good friend of us to modificate a certain file. A certain file with the power to change the all or nothing approach from all modders so far. We are finally able to have three diffrent flags on german vessels at the same time. But it doesn’t stop there. We could add for each hull in the game an own flag. Which means every hull from the Furutaka (A) Hull to the (C) Hull from Zuiho could have an own flag.


Changes the flag on
Dresden (All Hulls)
Karlsruhe (All Hulls)
Kolberg (All Hulls)
Königsberg (A Hull)
Yorck (A Hull)
Nürnberg (A Hull)
Nassau (All Hulls)
Kaiser (All Hulls)
König (All Hulls)
Bayern (All Hulls)
König Albert (All Hulls)
and much more
Change the Japan flag into the Rising Sun Flag for the Japanese Navy
Arpeggio Flags added
Dragon Flags added
Different Flag for Ships from the Imperial German Navy
Different Flag for Ships from the Imperial Russian Navy
Optional: Swastika Flag in the client if wished.
Ship Carousel

Changed the position for:
ship name
xp bonus symbol
Changed the size for the xp bonus symbol
Compact Ship Carousel

Changed the position for
ship name
xp bonus symbol
Tier Indicator
Primary Ship indicator
Changed the size for
ship names
sp bonus symbol
Exchanged the ship preview image

Warning: This mod breaks most probably after every Major update (Outdated flags.dds and Expression Loader)

The Normal Edition (Without swastika flag)

The “I need it 100% historic accurate and need the swastika!” – Edition

How to install this modification

OPTIONAL for Fleet Redux users: Install Fleet Redux first
Download the File
Extract the Content where you find it again
Open up your WoWs Installation folder
Go into the “res” folder
Make a backup of “scripts.zip” and save it where you can find it again
Open up the scripts.zip archive (not the backup)
Navigate in the zip archive into the scripts folder
replace copy_reg.pyc in the archive with the provided “copy_reg.pyc” file
Close the zip file
Open up your WoWs Installation folder
Navigate into the res_mod folder
Before placing the files in res_mods check if “USSExpressionsLoader.xml” exists in “[version]/gui/flash”.If not continue and copy all files into your res_mods folder.If the file exists open it and insert the following line “” right under “ ”. Save the file and move all files into the res_mod folder. If your OS asks for overwriting “USSexpressionsLeader.xml” press no.
OPTIONAL for Fleet Redux Users: go to “gui/Wo-Era Mods/ PortFlags”, remove “port_fav.png” and rename “_port_fav.png” to “port_fav.png”.
You have problems installing this Modification? Contact us via our Discord Server. We provide help there.



Changed Flag on Nürnberg
Added a new flag for germany
Updated all Flags
Added Techtree flags (bottom right corner)
Removed Nation Names in the Techtree
Reworked the flag.dds file
Reworked the flag.atlas file

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What is this mod use for

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    i downloaded the file and only see cars names like delta88, silverado, etc is the file correct?

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