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Flags and Roundels of Strangereal

So, I scrambled to put the finishing touches onto the final bits of mods I’ve been working on for the past few months in time for the holidays. so yeah, what this Aircraft mod does.

It reskin ALL USN and IJN ships to be Osean and Erusean aircraft. Midway has all her personal aircraft reskinned, the fighters inspired by the Wardog Squadron and the bombers being custom made by me. the Hakuryu however only has her fighters custom skinned, they’re inspired by the Yellow Squadron. hope you guys enjoy them.

What the Flag mod does.
It changes all nations in Warships to the Ace Combat Series “Strangereal” nations. This means all the flags on ships, and the flags displayed behind the ships and captains are changed from Earth’s Nations to Strangereal’s Nations. I tried to match the Navies as best as I could to their Strangereal counterparts, the nations are…

USA = Osea
Reason: Because Osea is heavily modeled after the United States with a touch of Japan.

Japan = Erusea
Reason: Honestly I wasn’t entirely sure who Japan should be since they’re always fused into other Strangenations. I picked Erusea because they engaged Osea sometime after the events of AC5’s bonus missions with Mobius One.

United Kingdom = Usea
Reason: The “Nation” is several “kingdoms/states” that have united to form the “nation”. Also there is records of the natives having British accents.

Russia = Yuktobania
Reason: The nation is inspired by Russia, and as racist as it sounds, it’s because Yuktobania has a Russian accent.

Belka = Germany
Reason: Once again, it’s because this Strangenation is based off of Germany.

Poland = Ustio
Reason: Ustio appears to be the Strangereal equivalent of Switzerland, with elements from Poland and France in World War II so yeah… Poland!

Links down below. At this time ONLY the USN and IJN have the proper roundels on their aircraft aircraft with a “USS” on their bodies have been changed to “OFS” or had the name removed. So for example the aircraft of the “USS Langley” has been changed to “OFS Langley”, this has been done for all aircraft I found the markings on. Hope you guys enjoy it, let me know if I missed anything or if you think something could be improved. ^^

Dev. Notes: The reason I created these mods is because I really didn’t like seeing my American ships being escorted by their WWII enemy (Japan) so I changed it to Strangereal since it made it more immersive for me.
*Edit* Pictures showing off what everything looks like, unfortunately I don’t have Hakuryu yet, so can’t show that skin off. (Midway and Anime Captain mods not included)

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