Beta Blue Camo (skin)

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Beta Blue Camo (skin)

Finally dug through my skin archive to assemble this collection

The Blue Camo (actually skins) that were once available on many of the US ships back in Beta
Absolutely positive there was a blue skin for the Bogue, but can’t find it.

o here is a collection of every skin I could find for US ships that had blue in them. 186.66mb
Remember only certain hulls of each ship had the blue.

Includes (as named in their files)
CV – Independence, Saipan, Ranger, Lexington, Essex- in second file -> Bogue
BB – Colorado, Arkansas, North Carolina, Montana, Iowa, New York, New Mexico
CA – Atlanta, Cleveland, New Orlean, Baltimore, Des Moines – in second file -> Omaha, Pensacola, Worcester
DD – Faragut, Mahan, Benson, Gearing, Fletcher, LaVallette, Sims

Set up for quick and easy installation into res_mods – remember to change this to reflect the current patch number – 32.49 mb
Blue Bogue, Omaha, Pensacola and Worcester were found

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