Baguette – Slightly more typical French camo

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Baguette – Slightly more typical French camo

onjour~ Sick of Dunkerque looking so boring with its single grey blob? Are your eyes sore from looking at De Grasse’s Zebra Dazzle Camo?
Well, Surprise~! I may have a solution for you! I made these for myself but several users have asked for them so guess I’ll make em public. These are just for the Dunkerque and De Grasse, though I may do the whole Cruiser line eventually.

Installation is pretty straight-forward, just dump the contents of the .ZIP directly into your current game version under res_mods. HOWEVER! If you have any mods installed that alter the camouflages.xml file, find the French ships in that file and replace the string with the following, just copy-pasta over the existing code for best results:

These are based on my personal preference, based on the colour and pattern of the Hunter camo (which itself is a recoloured edit of the New Year camo). The Tricolour Diamonds and the Septuple Inter-locked Rings (WoWS personal emblem and emblem of Earth respectively) have no historical backing, cept maybe the diamonds if you start leaning towards old Samurai clan emblems… but anyway, if you don’t like em, don’t use em. If you like em, use em. I’m just sharing at the request of some other folks who want to paint their French girls~

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What is this mod use for

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