Aslain’s ship icon contour mod v1.41

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Aslain’s ship icon contour mod v1.41

This is basicaly my WoT icon contour mod, but for World of Warships. It’s replacing original WoWS ship contour icons with new ones based on my style. Nothing else is modded, it’s just icons nothing more, no cheats, no unfair stuff

green = destroyers
yellow = cruisers
red = battleships
blue = carriers

– unpack my zip directly to WoWS folder and confirm overwrite

v1.41 (09-08-2015):
– compatibility with WoWs

v1.40 (29-06-2015):
– compatibility with WoWs 0.4.0
– added new ship icons

v1.30 (21-06-2015):
– fixed Zao icon in Aslain’s ship contour icon

v1.29 (21-06-2015):
– fixed Tenryu icon
– added anti-mirror flash

v1.28 (16-05-2015):
– fixed Furutaka and Izumo contour icons
– added xml files to fix mirroring on battle loading, stats tab and after battle window

v1.27 (14-05-2015):
– added missing New Mexico and North Carolina icons

v1.26 (14-05-2015):
– ship icons updated to WoWs 0.3.1
– ship icons on players panel appears to be shrinked now
– enemy ships will be mirrored
– I’m still searching for updated flash and xml files

v1.25 (03-05-2015):
– added Warspite icon

v1.24 (16-04-2015):
– fixed dead ship icons

v1.23 (11-04-2015):
– added missing icons, fixed few

v1.22 (09-04-2015):
– added Gremyashchy tier5 destroyer icon

v1.21 (09-04-2015):
– added Murmansk tier5 cruiser icon

v1.2 (06-04-2015):
– added few missing ship icons
– added dead ship icons with alpha 30%

v1.1 (06-04-2015):
– fixed Clemson icon

v1.0 (05-04-2015):
– initial release

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