Arpeggio Smoke and Fire for All Ships! Mod

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Arpeggio Smoke and Fire for All Ships! Mod

hey, you. yes you there, the captain of a non-anime ship envious of the anime smoke those arpeggio ships have? well be jelly no more with my newest and most improve-iest mod yet! what’s it do you ask, well that’s simple, it’ll make not just those fancy, too much on their time, anime ship captains like me also have those neat anime/boarderlands-like smoke poor out from the stacks, gun barrels, and the deck when on fire! What’s that? don’t believe us! well here’s some pics so it DID happen! order now and we’ll throw in a free deck fire for those cold days at sea! (delivery-of-deck-fire-may-take-between-one-match-to-six-months-no-refunds.)

so yeah, non-infomertial style summery of this mod. it makes all smoke from the guns, smoke stacks, and deck fires produce the cell shaded smoke the Arpeggio ships produce, in addition a sunk ship will produce white “smoke” when sunk.

EDIT: as of June 23, 2016 all mods that I’ve produced will run on 5.7.0

if you want more of my super swag mods or are wondering why the ships are “Osean/strange nation” named, it’s because of other mods I’ve made, here’s a link to all of them.

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