Arpeggio Complete Captain Voice Collection (

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Arpeggio Complete Captain Voice Collection (

This mod adds all Arpeggio voices that currently exist in the game as usable voiceovers.

After a long time of waiting, brings fully dubbed voice overs for every character plus many new ones. While the game itself will only let you select a few of them, this mod allows you to select all ARP characters you feel like on the fly! Unlike my previous version this new package is a simple 1 way drag & drop installation, you can select any voice you want from inside the game itself & even change them in mid battle.

Characters included:

Important changes: All previous volume bugs have been fixed, carrier voiceovers have now been added in, very easy installation process unlike the old mod, also a rename of the mod itself to better reflect the new additions.

I lack capture software so if you want to help out & provide a gameplay demonstration of the mod I’d be happy to feature it here (may be subject to quality screening).

Installation Instructions: Check Readme inside

Compatibility: Works with all other voice mods.

Download Size: 92.2 MB
Installation Size: 207 MB

Updates: v2.1 – Added ship detection voices for all characters.
v2.0 – Added Takao, Myoko, Haguro, Nachi, & Gunzou voices. Included carrier voiceovers for all characters. Complete new mod redesign & fixed volume bugs.
v1.2 – included Ashigara & Kongou

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What is this mod use for

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3 Responses

  1. KaiserCat says:

    Not working for me, just silence
    I tried both install options

  2. frozennoir says:

    same here pls fix

  3. FC says:

    it works if you know how to do it properly.
    copy the bank folder from res to res_mod, from ur game

    then open the downloaded content, go into /bank/officalMod
    copy all the folders in there, and then drop it off in res_mod/bank/officalMod

    problem solved.

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