Animated, Damage Ship Skins, Paints

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Animated, Damage Ship Skins, Paints

I am currently working on trying to reproduce, or find a way to introduce the ‘fire’ glow that occurs after you take a hit as an initial state of the paint for a ship.

Currently I have had some very limited success layering the reflective (chrome) pixel by pixel under a paint which is crossing a boundary set by the contours mapping file. This makes an interesting effect of ‘moving’ lights, however the color is limited to the use of the ‘chrome’ color (which you can get by using yellow in your file) and is hard to get to look right in general.

What I am trying to do is find a way to basically use the ‘fire’ glow effect as a paint for some interesting effects, however I can not find a way to introduce either:
1) animations
2) damage effects as initial states to specific locations
3) color changing effects outside of chrome

Has anyone else looked into this, or is anyone else interested in this?

I have still not gotten it all to work, however I am testing several different lighting effects, such as turning objects into shadows (guns), chrome, mixed glow colors, etc.
I would appreciate any feedback / thoughts on how to expand the effects from anyone.

I am testing shadows as well, such as I turned the cannons into shadows which is only partially working so far….. If you want to try the entire ship as a shadow, replace the “russia/cruiser/RSC001_Avrora_1917.mfm” with “russia/cruiser/RSC001_Avrora_1917 – shadowship.mfm” which will show you an interesting shadow effect (the ship turns into a shadow that can be seen on background objects / buildings).

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3 Responses

  1. someone says:

    please include for other ships such as yamato and des moines

    and yes i would love to see the after taking a hit glow

  2. 25dave75 says:

    Cant be done, Its controlled by the server.

  3. theirongiant says:

    plz do it for koingsburg thx

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