[AddOn] reLauncher v0.1

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[AddOn] reLauncher v0.1

> What’s this?
It’s a game launcher.
> So, we already have a official launcher then why would we use it?
It’s supports changing region-related things on the client that current region-changer mod doesn’t support yet.
> So what’re that region-related things?
Clan, Player profile, Inventory, Player Invites… includes experimental client origin-change (or enable update game from another region by the official launcher)
It also enables you shutdown the game right from the launcher (when the game crashed but still run in the background or you cant start the taskman)
> If it’s that good where I can try it out?

More clarification:
– Use your modded Techtree (so it doesn’t copy the original techtree to its created mod-folder
– Change Patches URL (change the client origin, dont recommend as it change the official launcher’s config file, it also backs it up already)
It use the paths.xml to assign its mod, the original file is renamed into “paths.origin.xml”
It comes with some regions (ASIA, NA, EU, RU) included by default, you can add or change the way you want.

.NET 4.0 or higher to run this app

It’s in its early development, it’s still buggy and such. Comments and bug-reports are also welcomed.

Some file has been moved around by default:
– WoWSLauncher.cfg is copied into WoWSLauncher.bak.cfg
– paths.xml is copied into paths.origin.xml <- so edit this file to get the effect on paths.xml Change log:
13/2/2017 Initial Release

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