[] KanColle Voiceover Modifications Wows

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[] KanColle Voiceover Modifications Wows

Hello people of WG NA forums, I’m from the Asia/SEA/Oceania servers(where teamwork and english doesn’t exist)

some updates:
with WoWS is out, here’s the mod’s update log
– all VO mods has been updated to WoWS
– renamed “OfficialMods” to “Mods”
– added and replaced new reworked mods: *Hatsuzuki*, *Akashi*, *Suzuya*(thanks @Kazuto09)
– *Bismarck*, *Commandant Teste*, *Sendai*, and *Tokitsukaze* not be anymore available if you download the mod from Aslain or Hakabase modpacks(please read below)


Before you install…

– Don’t Republish the mod anywhere else, you can share the download links to others who are interested.
– The installation instructions is package as a ReadMe file with mod.
– If you’re showcasing the mods to other sites like youtube for example, at least credit the guys who made it.
– Be warned this mod is not perfect, we did our best to keep mistakes to a bare minimum. I hope you understand.
– This mod is completely free of charge, if you wish to support the mod, check out our Patreon
– If there’s a new patch and these mods haven’t updated yet, simply place the mods to the new mod folder after res_mods/0.6.X.X/banks/mods

Unsupported/Old Mods:
We decided stop supporting some mods due to the reason of some mods aren’t possible to rework or improve, or the mod itself is unpopular. Sorry for those guys who like those mods, for that we decided to make them still available here, take note: all of these mods uses Wwise 2016.2.1.5995 once WG updates the game’s Wwise these mods will not function good anymore. Now, if you wish to support the old mods, please go to our discord server so I can give you the mod’s audio files for you to edit also give you some instructions how to work these mods specifically for KanColle voices. Please understand these are a bit to much for us to maintain.

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What is this mod use for

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