[]KanColle Voice Modifications WOWS

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[]KanColle Voice Modifications WOWS

***Before you read this topic, if you don’t like anime mods stay away from this topic,
however if you don’t mind or like these types of mods then you’re welcome.***

Hello people of WG NA forums, I’m from the Asia/SEA/Oceania servers(where teamwork and english doesn’t exist)

some updates:
– Reworked Kasumi, I’ll be taking a short break from this for awhile. Anyways, WAVE 5 is still happening but it will be more of a collaboration with other fellow mod developers.
– WAVE 4 voicepack has now a better amplification, in other words they are now louder, you can even use the radio comms effect if desired. Also another older VO mod, Warspite, has been reworked to the same format as the ones of WAVE 4. We will be slowly reworking most of the other older VO mods that deserves this kind of format. Here’s a preview of WAVE 4.

anyways, we won’t be focusing on making new voicemods for now. Until most of the older ones has been rework.

another upcoming KanColle mod(that maybe deserves attention) we’re currently testing out, is something relates to the game’s Collection feature. Here’s a teaser.

What do you guys think? This work-in-progress will replace the upcoming Yamamoto Collection. Yes, all 40 collections.

Last note(you may wish to ignore this.) recently, I started my Patreon Campaign, if you wish to know why? please scroll down to a section called “Future of this Mod” remember, this mod is free of charge, I never expect to do this outside than a small hobby. However, If you wish to support our work then you may wish to do so.

Extract the file, then you see a “res_mods” folder.
simply drag and drop the folder to your WoWS directory.

under Voiceover modifications, at the Audio section of the options menu.
(note:currently no CV voices, instead it will use your national or standard voices)

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  1. greskon says:

    thx,but no wave 3? how can i find it

  2. HITRAC says:

    nice job.

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