[]KanColle Kanmusu voice mod WOWS

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[]KanColle Kanmusu voice mod WOWS

***Before you read this topic, if you don’t like anime mods stay away from this topic,
however if you don’t mind or like these types of mods then you’re welcome.***

Hello people of WG NA forums, I’m from the Asia/SEA/Oceania servers(where teamwork doesn’t exist)

Here’s some updates: I’ll be uploading a fixes/improvements update on the current voicemods at July 10. also going to start the voting for WAVE 3.


Kanmusus added:
Tokitsukaze (Kagero DD)
Prinz Eugen (Admiral Hipper CA)
Iowa (Iowa FBB)
Commandant Teste (Commandant Teste AV)
Kiyoshimo (Yuugumo DD)
Fubuki (Fubuki DD) by: Kazuto09
Naka (Sendai CL)
Haruna (Kongo FBB)

(old threadnote WoWS

uses it’s own installer, you can figure it out. easy, right?

How to use?
under Voiceover modifications, at the Audio section of the options menu.
(note:currently no CV voices, instead it will use your national or standard voices)

find VO_Uninstal to your WoWS directory to uninstall the mod.

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What is this mod use for

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