[0.6.1][SKIN] Shogun Battleship from Red Alert 3 WOWS

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[0.6.1][SKIN] Shogun Battleship from Red Alert 3 WOWS

This is a skin mod for the Yamato(

The original Shogun Battleship has only 2 turrets, to make this mod for the Yamato, I had to add one turret, and to longthen the hull.
Now the turrets are made by FABAJI Industry, they’re 1.155 times larger than Yamato’s stock turrets.

There are too much things changed, so I’m about to call it “Shogun Battleship Kai II”

AA guns and secondaries are hidden in the hull, so the shells would fly out through the side armor…
Main guns are moved backward, but they can fire normally
Aircraft is Seawing/Skywing also from RA3.

Attention! Attention! Attention!
This mod changes too much things, so when playing with it you should at least remember that the collision model is still the Yamato’s. (This is very important when avoiding torpedoes)
In the same way, if you are a cruiser and you want to hit ennemy Yamato’s superstructure, you may need to aim the 2# turret now.

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What is this mod use for

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  1. asdf says:

    I downloaded this file. How do I now apply it to my yamato? I cant open the readme file btw.

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