[]Zipang JDS Mirai skin+name change+KC UI optional girl change (for Atlanta) V1.2

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[]Zipang JDS Mirai skin+name change+KC UI optional girl change (for Atlanta) V1.2

TL;DR Ver: JDS Mirai skin for Atlanta. Plus optional name change and custom ship girl preview/icons for use WITH Garfield001’s KC UI mod. Scroll to bottom of this post for all download options.


This skin is my take on the JDS Mirai DDH182 from the anime Zipang for the T7 Atlanta (Premium ship) in World of Warships. It is a fictional ship but its based on the real life JMSDF Kongou.

I am a huge fan of the show and always loved playing the AA cruiser role so I figured I’d mix my two favorite things and make this mod. A highly recommended anime if you haven’t seen it!

NOTE: This skin mod does not give you cruise missiles, CIWS, Tilt rotor plane or the like…. You’ll still be just a normal WW2-era Lolanta…

I did though take some extra liberties in adding a few extra details on the ship that’s not on the actual anime Mirai… like japanese flags and some flavored text decals because I felt it looked too plain with just the 182 number designation. I tried to keep the colors from the anime but it probably isn’t 100%. I’m also quite new at photoshop as well.. so if you can do better please go ahead and make a version and I’ll download it.

Also I changed the flags.dds file to replace the American flag with the IJN logo and Harekaze flag with the Zipang logo flag. If you dont like these combo just delete the flags.dds or the flags folder and it should revert back to vanilla.

Another also, I made all the camouflages for the Atlanta invisible (including all its guns) so this skin will stay active at all times.


Drag the content folder to your res_mods>latest_numbered_version,
At this time of release it is (update 12th Nov, 2017: appears to be working with as well)

BUT If there are any issues please let me know.

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