[] Initial D ship skins mod v.0.4a for IJN DD’s Wows

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[] Initial D ship skins mod v.0.4a for IJN DD’s Wows

Update: 5/11/2017

I’ve now uploaded v.0.4a of my Initial D Ship Skins for those that want it as they are right now.

8 custom ship skins included right now for IJN DD’s. (Most updated photos ONLY in this first post, all others pics in other posts may be WIP at the time of posting. Click on any to enlarge for a better view.):

*Note: all ships are work in progress (WIP) and subject to change as I improve my photoshop skills.*

-Tier 2 Umikaze (Itsuki’s Toyota Sprinter Levin AE85 Akina Speed Stars skin) *Unsure If I like this design but tried to keep it similar to the real car with the black bumpers… looks kind of wierd and quite simplistic imo for me.

NOTE*** -All camouflages of these ships have been made INVISIBLE so you can now use those camos on your ship so it doesnt affect the custom skin! (except for the torpedo turrets of course…see current issues below.)

CURRENT ISSUES: It’s an early initial (heh) version of my skins so not everything is fully textured (like torpedo turrets, life boats etc.. all these are all still vanilla textures) but the main theme of the ship is there! Also I’m quite a newbie at photoshop/graphic design so it’s all pretty basic work. Also, some of the team logos I’ve found on the web, but some I had to make from scratch like the sponsor logos which may not be 100% correct to the anime, like the kanji’s on the S13 skin (I’m not japanese but I did ask around for translations lol.. but still could be wrong… 😛

FUTURE PLANS: I want to add more car skins of course. Maybe captains as well.

Just unzip with 7zip, and copy the ‘content’ folder into your res_mods in the “LASTEST VERSION” folder (it’s “” as of this post). If there is any issues with textures or file structure etc, be sure to let me know. I check the files before packing but sometimes I might miss something…


Anyone good at ship skinning can make some initial D paint schemes for some of our IJN DD’s? I can imagine it should be fairly easy given how simple the schemes are…

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