[] Unhistorical Indianapolis skin, + functioning MS22 Camouflage WOWS

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[] Unhistorical Indianapolis skin, + functioning MS22 Camouflage WOWS

Greeting, all 🙂

I been messing around with the game’s files and decided to post something here. Nothing major, just want to give back to this awesome community.

This is just personal preference thing for my first and favorite premium, but no one is left out with the functioning MS22 camo!

Sorry for the terrible weathering on the deck, weathering is my weakest point with any texturing work I do. Any tips will be welcomed!

If you like don’t like unhistorical skins, then you don’t have to worry! The MS-22 Camo do NOT require the skin above to work, as is serves as a replacement to the premium Camo that comes with this ship

The Camouflage zips comes with improved files to ensure that more of the ship is covered when you apply any other camouflage on the ship. As seen below, external pieing are no longer ignored by the painters at the dry dock. The new numbers (if you install the larger number files upon extracting them out of the .zips) are also not painted over.

The Camouflage zip also comes with a fresh Camouflage.xml file (current as of update with the MS22 como already installed and ready to go.
*If you are running any other camouflage mods. Do not simply extract and overwrite it! You’ll loose the other camo mods you might be running at the time. I am not responsible over any harm these files that clauses to your game or computer if it been misused!

After downloading the file, extract the contents of the zip anywhere you’ll like using 7-zip, Winrar or anything else that can read zip files.

Open the game up to your client location (i.e D:\Games\World_of_Warships is where my client is installed at)

Then from there keep going into the res_mods, and drop the content file into the current game’s version.

It should appear when you start the game/ load the ship again

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What is this mod use for

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