[0.6.10][Sound Mod] N64 GoldenEye MOD

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[0.6.10][Sound Mod] N64 GoldenEye MOD

Hi,NA captains!
I’m from Japan (usually in Asian server), so sorry for my poor English.
In update 0.6.10, British BB branch has come.
In connection with the branch, I would like to suggest my sound mod “N64 GoldenEye MOD “.

This MOD changes gun sounds into “GoldenEye (Nintendo64)” weapon sounds, and also modifies some crew voices.
Anyway, if you have played GoldenEye game, you can easily understand how this MOD works by watching below video.

1. Extract the .zip file and put “GoldenEye” folder as below.
World_of_Warships/res_mods/(current version number)/banks/OfficialMods/GoldenEye
2. Run the game and open AUDIO settings.
Select “GoldenEye” in “Voiceover modification”
3. Enjoy.
Note: There are also installation guide and more MOD information in download files, please check them.

When I heard “British” BB branch news, Britain brought up the image of James Bond.
Additionally, James Bond bring up old memories of playing and laughing out loud “007 GoldenEye ” game in my childhood.
I believe that a lot of people in the world share the same memories.
As it happens, 2017 is 20th anniversary of GoldenEye game.
I would be glad if you use this MOD and laugh again.

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What is this mod use for

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