[] The collection of my mods “Carnival” mod

World of Warships Mods

[] The collection of my mods “Carnival” mod

Composition modpaka :
= Cards with a soft mist and light skybox
* fog and haze corrected for a softer and lighter version
* skyboxes revised under a new light and made ​​easier
* Solar drives off as possible from them Lens effects
* Card “Northern Lights” is corrected to daylight and removed the lights, now it’s a positive sunny “North”, but the island is covered with snow.
== Changes in the elements of combat interface
* doll korablyapod sight
* Chat and vehicle damage spusheny circuit in the lower left corner
* ears with lists of commands are raised above
* Campas removed from the screen as a completely useless
* ribbons with achievements transferred from the ears to the Commands list to the center and longer nalezayut them. In the assembly configuration with ribbons under a resolution of 1920×1080 (as a rule that permission to read below) **.
= Moldova color scheme markers and icons in the battle, and on the minimap
* markers on the minimap have undergone minor changes
-konturnye markers ships lit up, but not on the distance of your vehicle visibility replaced with standard markers
-markery killed made ​​less bright
-markery missing from the glare of ships enemy on the spot to do the opposite of the last glare brighter
disk of visibility, shooting range and various auras slightly modified graphically for better understanding when they overlap each other on the minimap
* Moldova lamp glare from the ship and airplane (added another lamp in the same style radar )
= Outlined icons with flags and leveled, tables and statistics of battle commands ears
* icons are not standard size, so modified, the list in the ears a bit more than usual file. Just aligned in combat tables and carousel dock
* fonts in tables download at TAB and final statistics after the fight to be replaced with the Bold Regular
* Black text illuminated tables and ears commands replaced with a small gray shadow for better readability
* capsules in the names of the ships removed only in the ears, in the tables lists the commands and the outcome of the battle (over the ships in the battle and remained in the dock capsules)
= Library nyashnye sighting grids “the COOL CUTE the ZEBRA”
* in three colors
* with a circle around the aiming point and without
* with numbers and without
* available zeroing sight file (battle_layout.xml)
= Little changed for the convenience of lightweight cameras (removed because when the output of each of the patch is necessary to change the name kontroleerov in blocks)
= Shaded loading screens battlefield (Mystic style)
!!!! Not guaranteed to correct the display text and icons in the tables and in the ears with a list of commands in conjunction with third-party modes using the same client files !!!
==== Stable operation modpaka almost at maximum settings with an average FPS: 30 even on my calculator ====

………………………………………….. ………………………………………….
** What to edit the config file for ribbons to fit other than 1920×1080
1. Opens Notepad ++ file battle_elements.xml (res_mods lies in the folder \ \ gui \)
2. Find the line with the container ribbons:
3.Pravite value maxcount = ‘ 7 ‘ .
– For more than a 1920×1080 screen resolution increases the value (value = number of ribbons on one line)
– to reduce the value of the smaller screen resolution (value = number of strips in the same строке)

– Download the archive.
– Unzip the archive into the game folder in res_mods / patch version /

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What is this mod use for

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