0.5.7 Fleet of Fog Captain Voice Collection (Ashigara & Kongou Update)

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0.5.7 Fleet of Fog Captain Voice Collection (Ashigara & Kongou Update)

There’s some nice dubs from WarGaming included with the game for Arpeggio of Blue Steel, however these are highly restricted. This mod provides you full freedom on choosing what Arpeggio captain voices you want to hear and will be enabled 24/7 throughout the game. Since all actions are fully voiced you can hear new dialogue lines that you normally wouldn’t hear (like consumable dialouge). Now you anime lovers out there (or haters) can enjoy roleplaying as your favorite character all the time!
What this mod does in 1 sentence: Replaces default captain voices with arpeggio captain voices of your choice.

Characters included:

I lack capture software so if you want to help out & provide a gameplay demonstration of the mod I’d be happy to feature it here (may be subject to quality screening).

Note: The initial battle dialogue is loud for some reason, I don’t know why & so far I couldn’t find a fix. Also carrier squadron voices are not included due to some bugs I’m still working out, everything else works fine.

Installation Instructions: Check Readme inside

Updates: v1.2 – included Ashigara & Kongou

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What is this mod use for

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