[] Alternative Sight “Axe” Mod

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[] Alternative Sight “Axe” Mod

Alternative Sight titled “Axe” for the ships of the world, offers just 2 lines instead of one. And although it may be strange, but the double sight lines provide convenience when shooting at long distances, you only need to do so that would be the ship was caught between two lines of sight and all. Also thanks to this, you can easily track the angle of turn of the enemy ship.
Also in his sights Axe still have a digital markup sectors for shooting at forestalling and aiming angles. Everything is done in warm colors and does not interfere with each other. Sight ax a compact, but at the same time informative.

1. Download the sight.
2. copy the folder “res_mods / 0.H.H.H /” Where 0.H.H.H – The latest version of the game.
3. In the Preferences elections sight on the client, select the “Type 3”.
4. Removal of the modification: delete the file “crosshairs.swf” of the “flash” folder

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What is this mod use for

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