[] Port Skybox Cyclone Mod (All 5 Ports)

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[] Port Skybox Cyclone Mod (All 5 Ports)

Disclaimer: I am in NO way copy and pasting his(GoldPile)’s work with malicious intent, I only mean to let other players use this mod for other ports or players that don’t want to create other folders and even apply this mod super-fast.

(Credit to GoldPile for creating this mod, I decided to compile to the different folders for ease of modification and so this mod may be applied to the other port(s) of players choosing.)

Description: This modification transforms the port skybox into the ‘Cyclone’ weather event as seen on the map ‘North’.

Compatibility: This mod works for version: Other versions may apply, but I can tell you it will work if the game version is 0.5.5, it may work in later versions e.g. 0.5.6, 0.5.7 etc…

To Apply: Once you have downloaded the .7z unpack it with a program such as 7zip. Now, drag the folder titled ‘spaces’ to the res_mods 0.x.x.x directory.
Your game directory should look something like this: C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\(YOUR VERSION)

Note: This skyBox mod is compatible with every dock in the game, so don’t worry about messing something up.

To delete: Remove either the spaces folder (if you have other mods installed that use this folder DO NOT DELETE THE WHOLE FOLDER BECAUSE THEY MAY/WILL BREAK!) or go inside the ‘spaces’ folder and look for Dock folders, inside those folder will be a file named ‘space.ubersettings’ delete that and your skybox will go back to normal.

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What is this mod use for

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