[] The compressed textures for low-end PCs

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[] The compressed textures for low-end PCs

Compressed textures World of Warships designed to optimize gameplay. A huge number of ships, high-quality drawing of the earth, sea and sky – all this seriously load the game system. If you have weak characteristics of a PC, you can run into logs without any difficulty. The developers decided to optimize the game due to the deterioration of display quality, but it is worth noting that the quality of the graphics not much has changed for the worse, but the FPS quite rose.

These textures are made in three different versions for PC. Depending on the characteristics of the computer you need to select the desired compressed textures WoWs.

Texture compression 50% of the original are the best choice for many players. The total load on the computer system is reduced almost in half. Thus, loading the battle will be reduced by several times, with the texture quality is similar to the original.

Image texture compression 50%

Texture compression 25% of the original tuning a game four times. The graphics quality is a little change for the worse, but the owners of weak PC should still be glad that get a chance to play a game of World of Warships Frame rate noticeably change for the better. This option will save players a huge amount of time when loading a fight.

Image texture compression 25%

There is a small group of players that can be downloaded for 10 minutes, and even more. The developers decided to relieve the suffering of these players and released texture compression ratio of 12.5% โ€‹โ€‹of the original for the weak computers. Use these texture is not recommended on powerful computers, because the quality of the display will decrease significantly.

Image of compressed textures by 12.5%

Set texture compression has been fully tested on version If you decide to combine the compressed textures with other modifications, the original texture set, and then you can already modify. After updating World of Warships compressed textures are at the root of the game, at the same time cease to work. To resume the performance enough to install in a new version of the game textures. If you do not want to use the compressed textures, remove res_mods folder, which is at the root of the game.

Overview and Installation

Unzip the texture in the game folder.

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What is this mod use for

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