[] Yet another zoom-out mod (v1.4.1) NA + EU/Asia/RU

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[] Yet another zoom-out mod (v1.4.1) NA + EU/Asia/RU

Ever feel like the cameras, especially the carrier cameras are too zoomed in?
Well I did, and I got tired of playing carriers in this super zoomed in mode so I tried to (and succeeded) to mod the Carrier view to zoom out further.

Installation Instructions:

Download the NA complaint version, or the EU/Asia/RU complaint version
Copy or move the file to res_mods/
Start the game
Get into a match
Scroll out a few times
Bask in glorious miniature ships

Note: This mod extends the zoom distances, meaning that it will take more scrolls to zoom completely out. I did this because sometimes a close view is needed, other times it is not.

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What is this mod use for

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