[0.5.3] Outlined icons

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[0.5.3] Outlined icons

A complete set of contour icons with Level, name of the ship and the flag of the nation.
Better readability / contrast nicks in the lists of teams in all tables, as well as technical information on top of the screen in action (timers, Ping, FPS).

For now use mods folder res_packages, it is registered in the default paths.xml =)

[0.5.3] Outlined icons (2)

Updated icons. Icons all converted under the old color scheme that was to 0.5.0. A font with the name of the ships on the icon will change to better read. Added modification of a cleaning CBSA in the names of the ships only to teams lists during startup battlefield, in a battle on the TAB and tables posleboevoy statistics. If you want to remove all CBSA in the names of the ships, the first place the events in the CBSA retracting , and then on top of it already fashion icons.
Fixed the displacement of the list in the opposing team in the final table.
Last Updated on
Updated. Added 2 icons with the Chinese. Fixed Kamikaze icon. Added “The total damage in the results of battle (from W03L0BED)” in the summary statistics in the final table).
Updated under Added icons to the Soviet cruisers and icon premiumnyh Katori (III lvl) + “The total damage in the results of battle (from W03L0BED)”

1. Download the archive
2. Unpack the archive into the game folder

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What is this mod use for

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