[0.5.3] Modpak Tornado Energy

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[0.5.3] Modpak Tornado Energy

Modpak Tornado Energy under a new patch – concise and very effective! Questions and suggestions are waiting for comments.

Composition modpaka:
1. Sights “Do Damage” on Alatriste, Heinkel and Hootorez.
2. Camouflage Tornado and Splinter, as well as the exclusive coloring Deadpool for destroyer “Daring”.
3. “Ears teams” with extended functionality.
4. Switching between RU servers, EU, ​​NA and ASIA.
5. Informative minimap.
6. Training room.
7. Changed the appearance of the telegraph machine, “light” lit up the Tornado, large markers torpedoes.
8. Counter caused damage and watches in battle.
9. Changed visualization of maps and effects (haze is removed from the card, off the trees to brighten all the textures and effects, tracer shells and traces of torpedoes).

Download the archive, unpack, follow the instructions of the installer.

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What is this mod use for

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