[0.5.3] Kastomiziruemy combat interface

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[0.5.3] Kastomiziruemy combat interface

The modification adds a few interesting “features” in the combat interface. Among them:
1. Lists of commands that can be customized. In the standard are as follows .
* 2. The minimap with captions display technology and health balance. As follows .
* 3. Icons markers showing the input of your vehicle in the area of destruction of enemy Artillery and / or torpedoes. The screenshot Fuso pulls up to your ship with guns, Farragut – More and torpedoes. Beta-version.
4. Chat with an indication of the ship the player writing a message. Appearance .
* – Modifications in the testing process.

Installation: unzip the archive into a folder res_mods.

Setting up and disabling parts mode is as follows.
1. To disable the icon (item 4) and delete files gui_slots.xml.
2. To disable the command list – battle_stats.swf and battle_stats.xml.
3. To disable the minimap – minimap.swf, minimap.xml.
4. Accordingly chat – combat_log.swf.

Currently fully implemented only configuration for the “ears”, he also battle_stats.xml. All parameters are described in the config file.

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  1. WaschdaLos says:

    Can u upload a video for installation please ?
    Its hard to get it working .. I’am frustrating.

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