[] AIM ASSIST – Maud point preemption {UPDATED!}

World of Warships Mods

[] AIM ASSIST – Maud point preemption {UPDATED!}

Password: 4548F5v

The long-awaited fashion point of anticipation for the World of Warhips appeared freely available on our website. Many gaming forums actively selling this mod, allowing to download it for the money. Portal “warshipsmods.ru” offers fashion to all its visitors for free, only here you can download the mod and test it in the game.

Setting fashion
For installation, you must close the game and unzip the file mode in the game folder. Add to check the settings of the game “to reduce the frequency of updating the interface.”

Installation Instructions
1) Start the game and go to the port
2) Open the program and run

Note, the program may become unstable! To work correctly, the program uses port 80. Turn off all programs that can use this port. If you have problems, please write in the comments – help. Good luck!

1) Disable Firewall
2) Anti-also must be switched off, or add a program exception
3) Turn off Skype, from him may not work.

If the program still does not start, look for any program on your computer is using port 80.

Password: 4548F5v

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What is this mod use for

Are you a dedicated fan of World Of Warships? To motivate you even more, we have a special offer – world of warships mods. These mods are additional features and can improve the quality of your game significantly. Take a look to our WoWS mods list and pick your choose. Your ship battles can become much more thirilling and successful in just few clicks. Give it a try and more fun is guaranteed. Get ready!

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119 Responses

  1. odiiss says:

    wow to working this mod i try i do that and no working men

  2. WarShips says:

    It does not work, and is correct. With you?

  3. Prez says:

    It doesnt work. Ive done all of the things the page says.

  4. Captain_pugwash says:

    is this the correct file…it takes me to an anti pak…not the aim assist mod

  5. Captain_pugwash says:

    also why do you have to do the following…..
    1) Disable Firewall
    2) Anti-also must be switched off, or add a program exception
    3) Turn off Skype, from him may not work.

    in the last version you just unpacked and put it in your latest res_mods folder

  6. Jois says:

    unable to create a socket on port 80

  7. JL says:

    An Exe file needing acess to you port 80, disabling firewall and turning off anti virus, yea im gonner just hold out a bit longer i think.

  8. sion says:

    How do I install? What port? Not available but the video?

  9. Nick says:

    Its not working … somethink mess up thinks…you must make a more simple to use 🙂

  10. Nick says:

    Also, when i run the program, the date that show my pc, going and show 3 days back…from 28/2/2016 show 25/2/2016…

  11. Davis says:

    So this runs a web/other server which needs incoming firewall ports why exactly?

  12. sergio says:

    good thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. schmockrock says:

    installation not working, any hints?

  14. ss says:


  15. Pit says:

    Really? Running some sketchy .exe made in russia? Wow! That’s great idea!

  16. Zupp says:

    Nothing is happening… Any ideas as to why? followed everything.

  17. mudasarme says:

    oh noes, now, half of noobs will start hitting someone with guns!
    u ruined the game ! again

  18. Mamdouh says:

    I did all the instructions , that indicator still doesn’t appear for me !

  19. Pascal Brenzke says:

    Port 80 wird durch “System” verwendet
    Anwendung kann nicht gestartet werden.
    Was ist zu tun ?

  20. buck says:

    dont work for me did al steps

  21. Markus says:

    Der Dienst “http” nutzt via System den Port 80
    Für den Zeitraum der Installation kann der Dienst über die Eingabeaufforderung deaktiviert werden.
    Die Eingabeaufforderung als Admin starten ( Windowstaste + X ) – Hier die “Eingabeaufforderung (Administrator) auswählen.
    In der Eingabezeile den Port mit folgendem Befehl prüfen:

    netstat -ano | findstr /r 0.0:80

    Jetzt wird tabelarisch angezeigt, das der Port 80 von der PID 4 ( system ) belegt wird.
    Den Prozess kann man nicht mit taskkill beenden. Dafür nutzt man folgenden Befehl:

    net stop http

    Jetzt werden alle Prozesse angezeigt, die dadurch gestoppt werden. Das ganze bestätigen und das System stoppt
    nacheinander die betroffenen Prozesse. Nach erfolgreichem stoppen, kontrollieren wir nochmal mit dem Befehl

    netstat -ano | findstr /r 0.0:80

    Jetzt sollte nichts mehr angezeigt werden.
    Somit ist der Port frei und die Installation kann nach Angaben durchgeführt werden.

    Ich hoffe dass konnte ein wenig weiter helfen.

    • mero says:

      hat das jetzt irgendein nachteil das man jetzt http beendet hat?
      Und noch eine frage kann man das später wieder rückgenig machen?

  22. pain says:

    did not work can you tell me how to make it work pleas i Disable Firewall and the anti to and put the mode in the game folder i open the game and run the mode and did’nt work help plsss

  23. eli says:

    not work my friend.. ill try everthing! the port also chacked.
    maybe something in the settings?

  24. yoiner says:

    no me funciona abro el juego despues el programa y nada

    • yoiner says:

      Home wow entered the port and desques Abro The United Nations Programme hopefully start time Battle and nothing I can say Que Pasa

  25. Robi says:

    Dont seem to get it working…. can anyone who made it work explain exacty what need to be done.?!

  26. pain says:

    can you plz make a video for Installation Instructions and show us how it work !!

  27. Amr Waleed says:

    IT DOES NOT WORK !!!!!

    PLS get us another file not EXE one

  28. emre says:

    not working

  29. necati says:

    I need to establish which file dont working

  30. Lys says:

    hey guys i couldnt get this to work i copied it into my WoWS folder E:/games/world_of_warships
    ive disabled firewall, added the exception to my AV, made sure no programs use port 80
    but it doesnt work :/
    any help?

  31. Noskiller says:

    If this mod realy works, please make the Installation-guide a bit more exactly for noobs like me.

    – to unziping is just one small program (WoWs – Anti Warpack), right?
    – that must be installed in C:\world of warships, not in c:\world of warships\res_mods\, right?
    – start game, Login-in until port is simpel enough for me 🙂
    – what do you mean with “check the Settings…”? GUI-refresh rating enabled or disabled?
    – i think the rest of Screen-Settings(Fullscreen, 16:9, Resolution) are not important, correct?
    – when i start warpack, there opens a small window with a button, button-decription writen in cyrillic. my friend, i realy don’t understand russia… 🙂 must i push the button?

    can u tell me, when all correct works: is there anything to do for activate the preemtion Point?

  32. BM says:

    Windows Defender is off same as win firewall and it still wont load in the game.

  33. kenneth says:

    how it works. it may not to work. can someone explain how to get the

  34. lello33 says:

    hello I can ask if you can explain how to block any open doors (80)? I’ve downloaded and unzipped in wows folder, start the game and go into the port, launch the mod but nothing happens, any aid?

  35. Daniel says:

    My AntiVirus Alerts…Someone try this out? No Virus?

  36. mike says:

    Does not work after following instructions.

  37. lello33 says:

    help guys some info for use this mod?

  38. biene says:

    Programm doesn`t work……..

  39. Imperator Kuznetzov says:

    i try to start program,in all kind but no luck,i cant start,i close all programs,and still nothing… help here pls

  40. Sean Patrick L. Bacani says:

    its not working for me. And i followed instructions.
    I click the button when I was in the port, and in game there was no aimpoint.
    So if anyone got this working, please stop being selfish and post a proper instructions here.

  41. StingWin says:

    – help. Good luck!

  42. Casual Captain says:

    Anybody out there tried this mod yet? It’s very different from the other aim assist mods that have been uploaded before, and I’m wondering what other people have experienced with this one so far.

  43. Hit man says:

    Does not work after following instructions.

  44. Rico Santuri says:

    Aim Not Work

  45. cold man says:

    i had it working yesterday 10 p.m. gmt +2

    it worked for 2 hours but after that the connection must be cut from server . It is not a problem about your pc or sth else. It is about the server that feeds the programme. I think it is blocked or disabled by the owner of the programme. So we will wait for another programme :)))))))))

  46. Hit man says:

    I did give the computer upside down and everything we did “))))))))

  47. emre says:

    not working

  48. gagai75 says:

    Everything is ok as described in MANUAL, but when you start you have to wait 5-10 seconds until the top left corner of the name WARPACK

  49. MaChEtE8800 says:

    please make the program on English not russia

  50. Saruan says:

    its working

  51. lzon says:

    so, does it work or no?

  52. reniel says:

    do not work for me i diseble the firewall ,skype i run the game run anti-warpack i leve open and no aim assist

  53. Root` says:

    wouldn’t run an EXE.. and them adding an exception to port 80/firewall exceptions etc.. there wouldn’t be any reason todo this in an addon, unless their trying to access your system…

    • Casual Captain says:

      Precisely! The large number of posts in here clearly shows just how much people want this mod, but compared to how previous versions worked (i.e. just place it in your res_mods folder) something seems off. An executable program? Disable the firewall and antivirus software? Keep one port open? Made in Russia? It’s more than just a little suspicious.

    • r1nd0m says:

      Agreed, something is quite odd. A simple add-on shouldn’t require that you disable the firewall and antivirus software, not to mention keeping a port open. That it doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to do only makes it more suspicious.

  54. HoReSz says:

    I do not understand why it is not cleared, it does not work, fake !!!!

  55. soedarsono says:

    how it work?

  56. ananı sikerim says:

    siktimin piç kurusu! amacın nedir! adam ol ve işe yara!

  57. yoko says:

    this “word” is an executable file, create a computer door
    opens port, authorized access to the firewall, and cut your enti software
    you provide access to your entire computer

  58. SERGIO says:

    no work windows 8.1

  59. anonimus says:

    I tried everything, turned off the firewall, turned off AV, allocated port 80 only for anti warpack, started the game, launched anti warpack and nothing works ….
    what I done wrong, if anyone knows let me shows …
    I have no idea what to do.

  60. Staddie says:

    guys… it wont work…. really running a unknown EXE in your system and logging is extremely suspicious…. dont use it… and wait…

  61. wvx says:

    Guys , this is a fake . Probably someone needs to use your computers for something .

  62. Merogx says:

    I tried the steps !!! , but its not working !!!!!! PLEASE GET US ANOTHER ONE before the new missions ends !!!1 please

  63. yoiner says:

    intente de todo y nada me ba a tocar esperar hasta otra astualizacion y que saquen otro aim pa ver si funciona :(((((((

  64. Markus says:

    it works to me , but only sometimes..
    The Anti Warpack Launcher seems to be stucked while bring up the Aim Assist..
    Also a couple of restart´s had no effect.
    Only 2 times i was bring it up to live.

    Very unstable AddOn.

  65. Someguy says:

    I’m not trusting this BS “add-on” if it’s not a simple file to simply add into the res_mod folder then it isn’t to be trusted!

  66. lello33 says:

    but it is possible that there is no free aim assist or at least to pay once to use them for free later?

  67. SERGIO says:

    work in server EU?

  68. pain says:

    it will help alot of ppl here good luck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2u2mle_Xv8

    • Casual Captain says:

      No, it won’t. All this video shows is somebody fiddling with the program and with their computer in general. It doesn’t show the program working at all in the game itself.

      Yet another reason to think the “mod” is up to no good.

  69. Dayu Liu says:

    Alright, I dont even understand the instructions. Anyone whose aim-assist is working pls explain

  70. edison1987 says:

    work on EU servers?

  71. lello33 says:

    this work for eu server?

  72. WoWs user says:

    I had some issues at the beginning, got it working after a few attempts.
    Only issue I have is that the Nagato is still not accurate with the shells 😛

  73. Gregs says:

    This is obviously a Trojan of some kind. Opening ports, running a web server, disabling firewall and antivirus, executing a Russian made executable etc, don’t be stupid. No one wants to be that guy, don’t let it be you. Stupid.

  74. iluss says:

    I think it only works in server .RU
    all the videos i see this anti warpack works its on russian server :c

  75. WarShips says:

    Pain: I have this problem. It works EU server?

  76. matt says:

    not work, please help

  77. pain says:

    I found a way to eliminate the popular reasons that the program does not work. More precisely, it works, but does not start. Long puzzled why everything is in some runs, but some do not, is there not a magic, everything has to be explained. Habré dig deeper and found a solution.
    And so: a common problem not run the program – it is a problem with “80” port, which uses Anti Warpack program and who use browsers, Skype and some windows service and because of this conflict occurs. The easiest way to shut down the browser and Skype through the task manager, disable antivirus. Well, of course remove all the fashion from the client, or go in the game through a secure mode, developed recently added the possibility. If that fails, then we go deeper into the rabbit hole. Open the console: Main menu-> Run-> enter cmd and hit enter. For windows 10: just click Start and type cmd and press Enter. In the console, enter the following command (you can copy-paste the C + the ctrl the ctrl + the V): the netstat -aon | findstr 0.0: 80 The left part of the team will return us to the current state of all the ports, and the right to find in them the desired us to port 80. See the result and look for the last column PID. We remember him. . This is the identifier of the desired process If this process with the PID is not equal to 4, then do the following: Go to Task Manager and look for the desired us to process. By default, PID is not displayed. To do this, go to the View / Select Columns, and put a tick in the “Process ID (PID)». Save and see that next to the name of the process there was a column “ID of the process.” We are looking for the process with the required ID. There have been reported with this process as you want, you can just kill it, to remove from startup, remove the entire application, etc. In the case where PID is equal to 4, this means that 80 port is used by the system (system process) and in Task Manager you see the System process name. There are several other solutions and what will suit one only God knows. The first. This tricks some services: the Windows the remote the management – remote management Service Sql server reporting services (MSSQLSERVER) – service information reporting services (SSRS) – SQL reporting services Server the Web the Deployment Agent is the service of fact, these services need to be turned off. Right-click on “My computer” Management services and applications services find the necessary services and stop them. If you do not help, you can turn them back 🙂 and proceed to the next step. The same needs to be done if you can not find these services at home (I have myself found win7 only WinRM). Second. Tricks ‘http.sys’ Here I found 2 ways, not much different from each other, it helped me to second, but judging by the comments of the first, too, helped no small number of people. they start the same way. 1) Go to the registry. Run-> regedit 2) The branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ HTTP and contrast in these methods: 3) Create a parameter of type Dword c called “the NoRun” and assign it a value of “1” without the quotes. Or 3) We are looking for the parameter ” Etpu Start “and change the value to” 0 “without the quotes of course. 4) Reboot your computer. enjoy life =)

  78. matt says:


    i try your solution but not work

  79. Bilou says:

    update plz

  80. odisseas33 says:

    guys fix one simple aim assist not this.this is very difficulty and no working

  81. odiss says:

    is not working …you say lie in the people…is not working for all……only johans make this mod to fix and work

  82. staticmatic says:

    Why does a “mod” need to use port 80 if it’s on your local client? I think it just captures keystrokes. No hacking program/mod should be using port 80. When running, I can’t access google.com through chrome.

  83. Irw says:

    I just wanna mod saved in “res mods” folder , this link to warpack website and doesnot working ! Update !!!!!!!!!!!

  84. nanda says:

    are this mod only for RU server?

  85. Yali says:

    guys please update this mod….

  86. Kdlol says:

    Say goodbye to that, it’s outdated, don’t hope for a new mod like that…

  87. Laughingatidiots says:

    Look at all the idiots that are allowing access to their coms LOL
    Really stupid fools ROFLMAO

  88. hahaha says:

    need new version and password

  89. sandro says:

    pls ubdate

  90. Ota says:

    plz update

  91. p tit ge says:

    why no update ?????

  92. keilus says: please 🙂

  93. djdj busta says:

    LOL disable firewall and disable a/V 1st 2 spep and no workign comemnt comemtn yall are all infected with a nice RAT virus good luckto all fo yall

  94. Total Legit says:

    How stupid are people? Lol this is not something that is going to help you play the game period. Its going to help you get your ass fucked over by the person who made this LMAO! You’d think this day and age people would know better. Computer knowledge or not it doesn’t take much to put two and two together. Download > Disable FIREWALL > Disable AV > Open up port 80 for me > Run my total legit .EXE i promise it wont load anything bad and i sware i wont peek into your computer and steal all your gay porn!

  95. and says:

    This Bulshit dosnt work

  96. Kaneko3003 says:

    More noob’s that can’t even hit a shell are being trolled.

  97. michael cook says:

    lmao, you have been hacked,just what a cheater gets for trying to cheat

  98. Reload... says:

    My head actually hurts with the amount of stupid going on on this page :s

    Then remember that it’s a whole bunch of wannbe cheats getting done over and smile again 🙂

  99. Me and you says:

    THx!!! its work!! ( after 5 day searching for solutions hhuhu)

  100. Florida says:

    If you are stupid enough to disable your firewall and antivirus and download an EXE file that needs port access, well, you get what you deserve.

  101. poisonbytes says:

    this mod is a form of cheat, why would you want aim assistant, if you was a good enough player why use this, WG do not promote Mods pack, hence why the game is constantly being updated as there trying to catch out those who use it, and its not hard to see who does use it. If it does work, don’t try making it work for you, as your only corrupt your files, take it from someone who knows and got caught and account deleted. So I had to start afresh. Mods are just for those who do not understand the game and want to play advantages.

  102. Timothy Knight says:

    all y’all DO realize yer being heavily trolled by the post, right?
    … think about it…
    1) Disable Firewall [[NEVER DO THIS]]
    2) Anti-also must be switched off, or add a program exception [[NEVER MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR A MOD/ADDON]]
    3) Turn off Skype, from him may not work.” [[THIS IS A RED HERRING]]


    aaahhh… eeerrr… uuu,,,… no!

    This particular mod does exist, but THIS provider is totally trolling and or phishing and or setting you up for ransom or what-have-you.

    When one of you wakes up feel free to report the obviously not-russian guy who is clearly messing with your heads 😉

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