[] Several options sights Dolphin

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[] Several options sights Dolphin

New sights “Dolphin”, in different colors. The very first sight of “Mebius_LW” author like many players, and has gained popularity in many gaming forums. In the next update, the author has decided to diversify its sights, and added many new variations, to be able to select the taste of the individual user.

1) Dolphin 4 (Dolphin 4 the Colour) – updated, now the division of sight does not differ from the standard size, but unlike a standard sight, reticle twice as long. The same changes undergone arcade aim: to facilitate sighting, two new trims and changed the color of the crosshairs have been added.

[] Several options sights Dolphin (2)

2) Dolphin-the R 4, the GC – the sight is aligned with the grid of the standard scope. Two horizontal bars have been added to facilitate aiming.

[] Several options sights Dolphin (3)

3) Dolphin 4 Leo – a modification of sight “Dolphin” GC-R, which was presented above. Combined with the standard grid sight, it increased the number of divisions. Replaced sighting corner-to-point. Just changed arcade sight, made ​​in the form of a collimator sight with a dot in the center.

[] Several options sights Dolphin (1)

1) Download and unzip the file to the sights
2) from the archives with a view, copy the folder res_mods
3) Open the folder with the game, paste the previously copied folder crosshair

Warning: after the renovation, set sights remain in the old location (example: res_mods / So he earned a new patch, it should be moved to a new folder.

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