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[] garfield001’s mods

Hi there! I decided to share these mods that I made for my personal use. These are all mods that I made and use, so I should probably update them as patches come out.
What do these mods have more than the other similar ones out there? Nothing really… I enjoyed making them and preferred having my own mods instead of taking other people’s. That said, I use some mods from other people for stuff that I do not know how to make (such as the de-capitalize mod, more links at the end).

Also, I have not drawn any of the pictures, but took them from various sites and sources, from Kantai Collection, from anime, from random fan drawings, etc.

Instructions: copy files in the res_mods/ (or current version) of your WoWs folder.

[Current version is]

Ship Preview Pictures
This first mod changes the ship preview image in the port with various anime girls. The Japanese line is mostly Kantai Collection girls, with some fan drawings or Warship Girls pictures for the paper ships.
All the other nations are random pictures I found. Since I have not played Kancolle and I know nothing about warships in general, please let me know if you think some ship girls really don’t fit, and I’ll see what I can do in an update. Also, same thing about the Russians and Japanese names, I really don’t know if they’re the right ones, but I liked how it looked. (Stole the name thing idea from another mod on the forum, I don’t remember which one, but credit to them!)

All ships should have been done, including the Anshan, the Lo Yang and the Kamikaze R, as well as the special premium ones, such as the Alpha/Beta ones. I don’t have any of those, so let me know if there’s something wrong with them.

Lady Commanders
This is changes the picture of the commanders to pretty ladies. It was hard finding a complete collection of commanders/naval officers for all nations, so bear with me for these ones…

Ship names and commander names
This one romanizes the names of Japanese ships from o to ō and from u to ū. I thought it looked better than “ou” and “uu”. This same mod also change the names of the commanders to give them female names. All name possibilities were changed for every nations. I also switched the order of the first name/last name for the Japanese names. This mod may break some of the texts, as I have problems when I have to convert the original file to allow edition. If you spot any weird thing with it, please let me know and I’ll correct it.
These last two mod are modification for the same file, which is why they are combined.

Ship Romanizarion
Was asked to separate the commander names and the ship romanization, so I did it because I was in a good mood! So this one is the Romanization for Japanese ships. It also uses ō and ū instead of the ou and uu that we usually see in anime subs, because I find it easier to read and actually “prettier”.

This time I’m sharing this flag mod adding the Japanese Rising Sun flag, as well as the Kriegsmarine flag with the Swastika. What makes this one unique (other than being made by me! is that I also changed the new rank flags. I added some ranks from Kancolle instead of the bland stars. I also de-saturated those flags because I thought they didn’t fit that well with their super vibrant colors.
I’m still considering changing the pirate flag from rank 1 and the Season 2 Ranked Battles flag to something else, I’m just not sure yet. I’m open to ideas!

I’d like to mention that these screenshots include the Japanese Rising Sun flag mod from Major’s Collection of Mods that I did not create, but love and use.

Leave any comment or suggestions. I’m always working on new stuff, and love tweaking with the game. Enjoy!

– garfield001

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