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[] WoWS ModPack ProShips

Newest version of the Modpack ProShips: 6.9 – for the game version

Last update: 29.12.2015

Modpack ProShips is the collection of modifications in the form of a simple installation file which allows you to install certain modifications without any compatibility issues and preview the result.

Installation instructions:
Step 1. Download and launch the setup file.
Step 2. Look at the splashscreen and click “Next”.
Step 3. Choose the folder where WoWs is installed.

Choose installation option from one of the following:
Delete files. All modifications in /res_mods folder will be deleted and replaced by selected ones. It is possible to delete all mods and the modpack.
Make a backup copy of your files. The installer will make a backup copy of your /res_mods folder in order to avoid compatibility errors.
Do nothing. In this case the installer will just install selected modifications in /res_mods folder, without making any changes to existing files. Note: Compatibility and correct work of installed modifications in this case is not guaranteed.
After choosing an option, click “Next”

Step 4. Select modifications you want to install:
If an option is near the “square”, you can install several different modifications from this section.
If an option is near the “circle”, you can install only one modification from this section.
You can read the description of a selected modification in the right window, by hovering the cursor over it’s name.
After selecting the modifications, click “Next”

Step 5. Wait for the installation to be completed.
Step 6. Congratulations, you installed ModPack. Click “Finish”

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What is this mod use for

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